micro mosaic necklace

An early and important 18 carat gold necklace composed of 7 micromosaic plaques in between which 10 smaller plaques with flowers. In the lock are flowers and a nesting bird, the medallions are connected by a triple chain. The plaques depict 5 views of ancient Rome and its surroundings: the Arc of Constantine, the Pyramyd of Cestius, the Temple of Vesta, the Augustus Bridge at Narni, the Temple of Minerva Medici, the Tomb of Cecilia Metella, and the Arch of Titus, 5 of the smaller plaques in the middle spell the text, ‘pensée a moi’ where pensée is depicted by a pansy, marked with the Papal marks for Italy before 1815 and a master mark: circa 1800.


Please find me a jewel like this