gold and carnelian seal

An 18 carat gold and carnelian triple seal with three intaglios: two sides feature a male head, and on one side there is an angel, two doves and the text: ‘rien de si doux,’ short for ‘Il n’est rien de si doux que de triompher de la résistance d’une personne belle,’ a quote from Don Juan by Molière. This translates as: ‘nothing is as sweet as the victory of a triumph over the resistance of a beautiful lady.’ Don Juan wanted absolute freedom for himself, which he needed to reconcile with a world full of rules and order. Eighteenth century.

weight: 7.71 gram
dimensions: 3.3 x 2.3 cm

PeriodEarly jewellery
Price€ 1.100,-
Pricerange€ 1,000.- to € 2,500.-
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