Amor & Psyche earrings

A pair of 15-carat gold and coral earrings. The two detachable parts have large, drop-shaped coral cameos. They depict Amor with his bow and arrow and Psyche with a butterfly looking at each other. The smaller oval top parts are decorated with two smaller cameos, also with a man and a lady. All of the cameos have a beautiful gold cannetille work surround. England, with Italian cameos, circa 1830.

weight: 23.7 grams
dimensions: 7 x 2 cm

Amor was the god of love and Psyche a girl too pretty to marry anyone but the god of love. At first their love seemed impossible, but after having wandered the world and the underworld for a long time, they ultimately stayed together and found happiness.


Price€ 11.500,-
Pricerange€ 10,000.- to € 20,000.-

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