mourning ring

A large, octagonal, gold mourning ring from the end of the 18th century with a miniature of a gentleman standing against a tombstone with a weeping willow grieving his deceased beloved. The tomb and willow are memento mori symbols alluding to death. That the dead person was religious, as most people were at that time, is clear from the inscription on the tombstone: ‘Je Me Meurs Pour Revivre’, translated as ‘I died to live again with god in heaven’, England, circa 1790.

ring size: 21.25 mm. 12 US.
weight: 9.88 gram.
width shank: 1.5 – 18 mm.
dimensions ring: 3.6 x 1.9 cm.


PeriodEarly jewellery
Price€ 2.400,-
Pricerange€ 1,000.- to € 2,500.-
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