Art Déco diamond and sapphire ring

A platinum Art Déco ring with a cushion shaped diamond in its centre (colour G-H almost 1 carat) surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds on the sides and shoulders and six suiffé cut sapphires, signed and numbered: Linzeler & Marchak, 1421, Paris, ca. 1925.

ring size: 15.25 mm. 4 1/2 US
weight: 3.4 grams

The Linzeler-Marchak partnership was only of short duration from 1922 until 1925 but in this short time span their names have become associated with some of the most beautiful jewels of the period with superb craftsmanship.
Linzeler-Marchak created romanticized pieces featuring the favorite themes of birds and large sprays of flowers. At the 1925 Art Déco World Exhibition Linzeler-Marchak showed a few grand rose spray brooches, one of which is the only jewel that has been re issued recently by the Marchak House. Even though this rose has a strong geometric Art Déco form, its appearance is soft because of the suiffé cut rubies, emeralds and sapphires pavé set around the diamonds. This cut combines the softness of a polished cabochon on the table with facets on the backside of a stone. The same technique was used for the creation of this ring.

PeriodArt Déco
HouseLinzeler & Marchak

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