gold retro set with sapphire

An 18 carat gold and sapphire (app. 24 carats in total) retro suite. The star of this suite is a slinky double-snake chain that loops, lariat style, through a sapphire set curved ornament. The two uneven ends culminate in large plump cabochon set sapphires. Geometric details – spherical ‘tassels’ and a central circular motif – give this jewel a chic complexity. Further the suite has large earrings echoing the necklace and a bracelet with a hidden watch, master mark: B F with a cello in between, France, circa 1940.

weight: 150 grams
weight ear clips: 27.44 grams
dimensions ear clips: 5.5 x 1.5 cm
weight watch: 44.1 grams
dimensions watch: 17 x 1.8 cm
length necklace: adjustable 42-45 cm plus tassel 9-6 cm
weight necklace: 78.62 grams


Please find me a jewel like this