gold double sided earrings with enamel and pearls

A pair of long, delicate 18-carat gold earrings that can be rotated, making them visible and wearable on two sides, with a curly drop-shaped element featuring pigeons on their nest on one side, and the attributes of amor, the god of love, on the other. Suspended from this are three small chains with an amphora-shaped element decorated entirely with blue enameled curls and pearls. On one side there is blue transparent enamel over a striped guilloche with a grisaille of two putti – one playing a flute and the other conducting, writing or reading? – and on the other side are two ladies dressed in 18th-century fashion – one with a hat and the other with an aigrette on red transparent enamel. The earrings are further ornamented with beautiful circles with blue enamel, white enamel curls, pale green enamel, curly ornaments, and white pearls dangling at the bottom. France, circa 1870.

weight: 10.64 grams
dimensions: 7 x 2.2 cm


Please find me a jewel like this