Art Nouveau ivy bracelet

A hammered silver bracelet with a decor of ivy leaves and berries, signed: Froment-Meurice for Emile Froment-Meurice, France, circa 1890.

dimensions: 5.7 x 5 x 1.6 cm.
weight: 62.4 gram

literature: Tresors d’Argent: Les Froment-Meurice, Orfevres Romantiques Parisiens (Silver Treasures: The Froment-Meurices, Parisian Romantic Silversmiths) by D. Alcouffe and Marc Bascou and others, Les Musees de la Ville de Paris, 2003 and The Belle Epoque of French Jewellery 1850-1910,
Munich, 1991, p. 110-115.

PeriodArt Nouveau
MakerEmile Froment-Meurice

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