diamond and tuquoise necklace and pendant

An 18 carat gold necklace including a detachable pearshaoed pendant set with cabochon cut turquoise alternately with old cut diamonds (necklace app. 4.53 and pendant app. 2.08, in total app. 6.6 carats) the pendant consists of a cabochon teardrop turquoise surrounded by old cut diamonds and one old cut diamond above it. The turquoise vary from 18.5 x 11 mm for the larger oval ones and 6 mm in diameter for the smaller ones.
France, 19th century.

length including lengthening: 40.5 cm.
lengte without lengthening: 34 cm.
weight: 34.4 grams.
weight pendant: 4.4 grams.


Please find me a jewel like this