gold s locket

A large round 14 carat yellow gold locket with a big curly S on a bed of engraved flowers on the front. On the back the arms of alliance of Sophia. On the inside a picture of Queen Sophia. In the lid is the text: “Ter herinnering aan de Hoofd Commissie tot stichting van een gedenkteken voor H.M. Koningin Sophia, aangeboden door Alexander Prins der Nederlanden” which means: “In memory of the head commission to erect a memorial for H.M. Queen Sophia offered by Alexander Prince of the Netherlands”. Around the picture: 1877 Je maintiendrai 1880 Furchtlos und True.

Queen Sophia was married to Willem III (King of the Netherlands 1849-1890). They had three sons, but unfortunately they all died young. Sophia was a dedicated and loving mother who put a lot of effort in taking care of her sons, especially for Prince Alexander (third son) who was born after the tragic death of Maurits (second son) who died at the very young age of 7. After the death of his oldest brother Willem in 1979 Alexander became heir to the thrown. He carried a special bond with his mother and he was desperately sad and lonely when she died. He died unmarried and childless at 32 years old in 1884.

weight: 21.43 grams
dimensions: 4.5 x 3.7 cm

Price€ 1.750,-

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