gold, sapphire and bone elephant pendant

An English 18 carat gold happy elephant luck charm. His trunk is up and his eye is made with a triangle cut sapphire, his tusk is made of bone, finely engraved. The elephant is signed and numbered: Cartier, London, 1975.

weight: 13.2 grams
dimensions: 3.7 x 2.8 cm.

Elephants have featured in the religious beliefs of almost all religions for a long time. For example, starting with Buddhism, Buddha is said to have been a white elephant reincarnated as a human being, while the Romans believed that elephants were religious themselves and worshipped the sun and stars. In the Islamic tradition, the year 570 – when Mohammed was born – is known as ‘the Year of the Elephant’.

In modern Western society the elephant also symbolises great luck, respect and wealth. The trunk plays a major role in the superstitions involving elephants as well. The trunk of an ornamental elephant should always face up in Western cultures, though down in Eastern ones, in order to bring good fortune. In Western cultures it is believed that an upturned trunk ensures that good luck and prosperity will last forever, while a downturned one signifies mourning. Our little elephant’s upturned trunk stands for everlasting luck and happiness.

HouseCartier, London
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