Clémèntine Falize’s watch

A yellow and pink 18 carat gold watch. The gold is chased, and the watch bears the monogram CF with holly leaves and berries. Signed: ‘Len Falize à Paris’ and numbered: 20447. CF are the initials of Clémèntine Falize, Lucien Falize’s wife. Lucien made this watch for her on the occasion of their marriage on 28 April 1871. His three sons, Andre, Jean and Pierre, as Falize Frères, succeeded Lucien.

The watch has a chronometer compensation balance and is signed by Jean Daniel Martin & Fils (1869-1900), Fabricant et Marchands d’Horlogerie, Place Chevelu 25, Genève. It has a white enamel dial.

Diameter: 3 cm.?
Height: 4.7 cm.

MakerLucien Falize, Jean Daniel Martin
Price€ 5.000,- tot € 10.000,-
Pricerange€ 5,000.- to € 10,000.-

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