trompe l’oeil ring

This French ring, from around 1780, is crafted in 18 carat gold. Under the glass, we see the god Bacchus, the god of wine and merriment. It is a signed work by Jacques-Joseph de Gault (1738 – 1812). Both the image and its setting are original and in perfect condition. This elegant image of the god is fashioned in various shades of white on a grey background. He is seen holding a thyrsus, a staff with a pineapple at its end, a symbol associated with his fecundity– and hedonism. In his other hand, he holds an amphora. The skill alone of J-J de Gault gives pleasure; he adds to it with a bit of artful teasing. Bacchus looks like a grey and white cameo cut from an agate hard stone. In fact, after you look at him really closely or with a magnifying glass, you realize that this apparent cameo is a painting in gouache.  It is a miniature trompe l’oeil!

ring size: 16,25 mm 5 1/2 US.


MakerJacques-Joseph de Gault
Price€ 16.000,-
Pricerange€ 10,000.- to € 20,000.-

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