gold fede ring

A high-carat gold fede ring with two clasped hands holding a heart. The hands flow into different double, pleated cuffs on the shank. Dutch, 17th century. Found in Friesland and reported to the Portable Antiquities of the Netherlands organisation.

The design of this ring is ancient, and in Roman times it represented the practice of dextrarum iunctio, Latin for ‘connected right hand’, symbolising the joining of a couple’s hands in a marriage ceremony. The name Fede comes from the Latin fides and means ‘faithfulness’. Accordingly, such bands are often given as a wedding or engagement ring.

weight: 4.37 grams
ring size: 17.5-17.75 mm / 7 ½ USA
width: 2 – 8 mm
dimensions ring: 3.6 x 1.9 cm

PeriodEarly jewellery

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