Art Nouveau scarab ring

A large 18 carat gold ring with two scarabs around a brilliant cut diamond (app. 1 carat) that is set in platinum, with two small brilliants in platinum between the foliage, signed: E.B. Gonon, Paris, France, circa 1900.

weight: 10.5 grams
height: 3 cm.
ring size: 19.25 mm. 9 ½ US.

To the ancient Egyptians the scarab or dung beetle was the symbol of resurrection and eternal life. The fact that it uses its hind legs to roll a piece of dung backwards into its nest made Egyptians believe the insect had the same power as the god Ra. Because Ra moved the sun in the same way. Since the sun keeps rising every day and eternally, the scarab is as holy as Ra.

PeriodArt Nouveau
MakerE.B. Gonon
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