gold spinner ring with diamonds

A fantastic, 18 carat yellow gold kinetic spinner ring with two different size moving rings set with brilliant cut diamonds around a spinning six-leave flower with diamonds in the center (app. 6 carat in total). With every slightest movement the rings turn around the center part which usually spins in the opposite direction or swings a little slower – just like the wheel of life. All because of an clever divided weight balance of each part. Signed N. TEUFEL, 1975.

Elton John had an identical ring which he sold at Sotheby’s on 6 September 1988.

weight: 16.05 grams
size: 17.5 – 17.75 mm / 7 ¼ – 7 ¾ US (with bridge)
18.25 mm / 8 + US (without bridge)


Please find me a jewel like this