handkerchief holder ring

A 14 carat gold handkerchief holder ring with a mouse as the slide, signed: Tiffany & Co.

weight: 4.4 grams
ring size: 15.75 mm. 5 1/4 US.
length: 5.8 cm.

During the 1870s to 1890s, there were gadgets called skirt lifters also known as dress holders. These devices were hooked onto the skirt waistband or chatelaine. The end of the chain had a tong like device used to grip the bottom edge of the skirt, to keep the ladies dirt free while walking, bicycling.

Another great invention from that time was the hankie holder. It consisted of a gold ring sized to fit the pinkie, a chain with a small gold pair of tongs or a slider along a small thong like this fine example.

Supposedly they were used in the ballroom to hold ones handkerchief politely.

HouseTiffany & Co.

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