Posy rings

The strength of gold has always symbolized enduring true love. Betrothals or weddings are often marked with the gift of a ring. The fact that is has no beginning or end makes it a perfect metaphor for love.

Posy rings, their name deriving from the word ‘pos’ or ‘poésy – for short amatory rhymes – were very popular lover’s gifts in both England and France from the Middle Ages onwards. Short inscriptions were usually engraved on their inside surface. Such gold finger rings were also presented as tokens of friendship, loyalty, and regard, or simply as gifts. Secret messages of love were exchanged between the giver and the recipient.

These bespoke 18 carat gold posy rings are hand-enamelled in coloured enamels and inscribed with different posies such as – ‘WITH THIS MY HEART’ and ‘* ELLE TE GUIDERA’.

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