Amor necklace

A 15-carat gold necklace set with 14 sardonyx cameos with genre scenes of Amor, the god of love, set in a rich Georgian mount with fine spirals (cannetille) and granules (grainti), a double textured chain links the last cameos to the clasp, Georgian, England, circa 1820-1830.

weight: 42 grams
length: 44.5 cm
dimensions centre cameo: 2 x 1.6 cm
dimensions smallest cameo: 1.2 x 0.8 cm

From left to right:
Pensive Amor with an amphora
Amor with a rooster, symbol of Hermes, symbolizing commerce and vigilance
Amor playing a lyre, symbolizing music
Amor feeding a swan which shows connection to Apollo, maybe an offering to Apollo
Amor on a shell, rowing on a shell boat, symbolizing fate or the connection to his mother Venus
Amor riding a seahorse
Amor as Bacchus carried by two putti, symbolizing pleasure
Amor riding a seahorse
Amor rowing, holding a bow and arrow, symbolizing love
Amor with a peacock for Juno
Amor playing a double flute, sitting before the fire of love, symbolizing music
Amor with a dog, symbolizing loyalty
Amor holding an amphora
Clasp: a pensive seated Amor


Please find me a jewel like this